Operation Frostbite
Snow inf
Date December 5, 2015
Location Western coast of Norway
Result NATO victory
United States

United Kingdom Germany Canada Australia Netherlands Norway



Commanders and leaders
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60,000 US Marines

18,000 British Royal Marines 12,000 German Troops

9,000 Dutch Royal Marines

6,500 Australian Troops

6,000 Canadian Troops

~15,000 Norwegian resistance fighters

~1,000 NATO Warships

100,000 Russian Troops

10,000 Belorussian Troops

200 Russian Warships

4 Russian Submarines

Casualties and losses
est. 24,000 killed

34 ships sunk

est. 60,000 killed

12,148 captured

96 ships sunk

Operation Frostbite was a NATO Offensive on the Western coast of Norway with the eventual goal of liberating the Scandinavian Peninsula from Russia and CSTO . Operation Frostbite was the largest amphibious operation since World War II, and the first time in World War III that the US Marines were active in the European theater. Operation Frostbite was a cold and bloody battle that was costly on both sides, but NATO was eventually victorious thanks to NATO exercises involving such a scenario before the outbreak of the war.