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    It's early October, 2015 and the Eastern CSTO powers are sweeping across Europe with Russia at their forefront. Poland is divided in half, and NATO must desperately make a stand against the Russians. NATO forces plan to make a stand in two cities in central Poland, Lodz, and Wloclawek, however the forces in Wloclawek are woefully under strength for the impending siege. While Russian anti-air assets have been neutralized, there is not enough time to organize an airlift, so a ragtag logistical convoy in Lodz has been assembled to carry supplies of all kinds up to the troops in Wloclawek. Russian forces will soon encircle Wloclawek, and it is likely that part of the encircling force will run into the NATO convoy before they can reac…

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  • HKurban

    On September 18th, 2015, NATO forces gained intelligence of a Russian anti-air battery in the occupied Polish town of Ostrowo, Poland. This air defense battery was well within range of NATO operating lines, providing a serious threat to strategic bombers and airlifters. Low flying close air support attempted to find and destroy the air battery, but triple-A guns supported the strategic missile batteries.

    NATO Commanders decided a ground assault was the only effective way to take out the battery. The nearest NATO unit was a light infantry company of the US Army's 10th Mountain Division. While highly mobile, the light infantry company was mounted in thin-skinned Humvees, and lacked serious firepower. The company arrived on scene quickly on Se…

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